Annual Giving (GARDEN Initiative)

2016 Winterberry Parent Guild GARDEN Initiative

Give Annually; Reap Dreams; Educate and Nurture

Thank you for your many contributions to Winterberry—your time; your energy; your adherence to our community’s values. And thank you for your monetary support of this vibrant school. Although Winterberry receives public funding from the State, this income alone cannot sustain our school’s excellence. Charter schools receive far less funding per student than all other public schools in the Anchorage School District, and we also have to provide our own building. In order to bridge this financial gap, the Winterberry Parent Guild (WPG) coordinates fundraising efforts throughout the year, including the Enchanted Village, Winter Faire, the Head, Heart, and Hands Auction, and the Annual Giving campaign, known as the GARDEN Initiative: Give Annually; Reap Dreams; Educate and Nurture.

The fruits of these fundraising initiatives are immediately re-invested in the school, with highest priority going to specialized teacher training. This training is critical for maintaining the extraordinarily high-quality instruction that our children receive. Teachers who are new to Waldorf education take foundational courses on the philosophy and teaching methods. They may also observe and be mentored by highly experienced teachers in the Lower 48. Then, each summer, our teachers continue their professional training with an “Art of the Grades” course that prepares them for the challenge of teaching an entire year’s worth of new material, in all academic subjects, as they move up with their class. During the last school year, the WPG spent nearly $36,000 on teacher training.

Additionally, more than $27,000 went towards school, pedagogical, and community support, including

  • $5,050 for Bal-A-Vis-X training (rhythmic balance, auditory and vision exercises for brain/body integration) for nearly every one of our teachers and staff;
  • $12,100 to support Winterberry’s after-school Enrichment Program during its time of transition;
  • $2,900 for NVC (compassionate communication) training and conference participation;
  • $3,100 in various business costs such as licenses, permits, insurance, participating in Pick.Click.Give, and bank accounts;
  • $3,100 in books, Waldorf materials, childcare, online surveys, and food to support workshops, NVC discussion groups, and the administrator search process; and
  • $965 for community-building events such as the Back-to-School picnic and Harvest Dance.

From small site enhancements to overarching instructional support, the enormous impact of community donations to Winterberry profoundly affects our children’s educational experiences. As part of the GARDEN Initiative, we are asking for each family to make a meaningful monetary donation. While we suggest a contribution of $100 per child, Winterberry has gratefully accepted donations ranging from $5 to $500. Most important is getting our whole community to participate! Your contribution is truly significant in supporting, strengthening, and enriching our school. 

You may donate by one of the methods below but PLEASE fill out a donation form (you can download here; print; fill out; and bring or mail it to school or scan and email to Colleen) to go along with your gift:

  • Online
  • At the Winterberry front desk
  • By mail to: Winterberry Charter School, Attn: WPG Treasurer, 4802 Bryn Mawr Court, Anchorage, AK 99508

Thank you for helping our vibrant school continue to grow and flourish. Your financial investment will yield rich returns!

Rayna Swanson, Coordinator
WPG GARDEN Initiative